Monday, October 6, 2008

Chandeliers - A Glossary of Terms

Every day we receive phone calls and email inquiries asking about certain terminology used on our chandeliers, so we've created a simple glossary of terms to try to help the customer better understand product descriptions:

1. Arm or Branch - The portion of the chandelier that has the light attached much like a branch on a tree.
2. Arm Plate - The portion where the Arm attaches to the center of the lighting piece.
3. Arm to arm festoon - Strands that run from one arm to another. These strands attach to a crystal pendant assembly and hang from or below the Bobeche.
4. Baluster - Can be made of iron, wood, resin or other material. The center or axis of the lighting piece.
5. Bead - The area where a hole has been created in a crystal piece or of like type piece with a hole in the center.
6. Break - Refers to any of the columns that make up the stem or column of the chandelier. The area that connects the pieces of the stem or column.
7. Bobeche - Drip area where a candle or the decorative piece of a candelabrum sits. The intent is to catch dripping wax residue. This is located at the base of the candle.
8. Cage - A metal structure is used to create a center opening in order to leave the center available for embellishments.
9. Candle sleeve - Plastic or metal decorative cover for the socket, also, called a Candle Cover.
10. Canopy - The piece used to cover the open electrical box on the ceiling.
11. Chandeliers - Lighting suspended from the ceiling. A term used to describe a light fixture with multiple arms or branches. Typically hangs from a collar and chain, crossbar, threaded rod or screw.
12. Channel - Linear piece of metal rod or tube.
13. Collar - Threaded ring that holds the canopy to the ceiling on a chandelier.
14. Column - Center piece of a hanging fixture, also called a stem.
15. Crystal Polishing - The smoothing of a crystal piece. Techniques include hand polishing and machine polishing. The quality of the polish is directly related to the brilliance of the reflection
16. Facet - The flat surfaces on a piece of crystal. This related to the quality of the crystal in respect to the cut creating the facet. This creates the quality of reflected light.
17. Festoons - The clusters of crystal that hand from the chandelier piece. Can be a few strands or clusters.
18. Finial - Decorative piece that attaches to the fixture base, usually at bottom of the column or arms.
19. Fixture - Any decorative electrical item that permanently affixes to a wall or ceiling.
20. Flush Mount - Installs flush against the ceiling. Similarly, there is also a semi-flush mount.
21. Resin - Synthetic material used to make various parts in the structure of a lighting fixture.
22. Scroll - Formed or bent pieces of iron or tubing that form a decorative design and usually connects to the column of the chandelier.
23. Shades - Covering over the lamps or bulbs. These can be made out of glass, fabric, metal or other materials.
24. Stem - Center piece of a hanging fixture, also, called a column.
25. Spire - A tall spike of glass, round in section or flat sided, to which arms and decorative elements are attached. Made from wood, metal or glass.
26. Top Loop - Attaches the chain to the fixture.

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